The Northumberland routes where YOU want to see speed limit changes

Motorists have been sharing their views on roads across Northumberland – and highlighting the routes where they would like to see a change in speed limit

By Debra Fox
Monday, 25th October 2021, 4:55 am

We asked the Northumberland Gazette readers on our Facebook page to name a road in the county where they think a change in speed limit is necessary.

Dozens of people got in touch to share their views, with suggestions ranging from additional traffic calming measures, to highlighting the areas where they would like to see a reduction in the limit.

Some also voiced concerns over the dangers created by traffic moving too slowly on certain roads.

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Readers have been sharing their views on the roads they think need a speed limit change.

National speed limits dictate the following:

*A speed limit of 30mph in built-up areas

*A speed limit of 60mph on single carriageways

*A speed limit of 70mph on dual carriageways and motorways

Local councils are also able to set their own speed limits in certain areas – including 20mph in built-up areas near schools, or 50mph on a stretch of road with sharp bends – but these must be clearly signed.

This is what you had to say on the issue. Click here to add your own suggestion to the post.

A1068 between Alnwick and Alnmouth

Julie Frost said: "Alnwick to Alnmouth - it's way too fast.”

A1068 passing Hawkhill

The Real Taste of Northumberland said: “The 1068 passing Hawkhill, we see too many crashes.”

A1068 heading from Widdrington to Amble

Malcolm Best said: “A1068 heading from Widdrington to Amble should be made clearer it’s a 60mph road to stop [people] doing 40mph all the way in perfect conditions.”

A1068 between Lesbury and Hipsburn

Lyn Douglas said: “From the roundabout at Lesbury to the roundabout at Hipsburn. It’s a very busy road and often used like a racetrack. Lots of children live on this road. It’s an accident waiting to happen.”

A697 when entering Powburn

Jacqui Knighton said: “The part of the A697 from before the Breamish Valley turn off to the 30 sign as you enter Powburn should be 40. I’s dangerous to walk along the path and to pull out of the driveway. People also need to stick to 30 all the way through Powburn and many don’t.”

B1338 from Hipsburn towards Alnmouth

Tom Cadwallender said: “The road from Hipsburn roundabout, past the school to Alnmouth. It’s a 20 limit but it don’t think many drivers know that!”

B1339 between Embleton and Newton-by-the-Sea

North Farm Cottages, Embleton said: “Yes the road between Embleton and Newton-by-the-Sea. The reason the hedge is missing from this stretch is that so many cars have come off the road. We’ve had the air ambulance land here three times in recent years for the RTAs.”

Claire Fleming Manners said: “Yes Embleton to Newton Barns. The road is too narrow and cars are going far too fast.”

Between Bamburgh, Seahouses and Beadnell

Claire Watson-Armstrong said:” Yes between Bamburgh, Seahouses, Beadnell - the speed that motorbikes go especially is insane. It’s only a matter of time before someone is killed.”

Between Beadnell and Budle Bay

Sharyn Cumming said: “All the way from Beadnell to Budle Bay needs to be 30 now. Its far too busy with parking, kids, dogs etc.”

Canongate to Abbeylands

Gemma Grace said: “From Canongate to Abbeylands out of Alnwick is still national speed limit. There’s a whole street of houses with young families and children living alongside a 60mph. It’s frightening walking along there.

Longhoughton 20mph limit

Rob Wildsmith said: “I would remove the 20mph through Longhoughton. It is too large an area, badly signed and no active traffic calming on the whole road. If I try and stick to it, then I get traffic coming up behind or disappearing into the distance in front of me.”

New Ridley, Stocksfield

Louise Stubbs said: "Yes should be 20mph through New Ridley Stocksfield.”

Wansbeck Terrace, West Sleekburn

Michelle Monaghan said: “Wansbeck Terrace in West Sleekburn, going right round to the old middle school. They drive like nutters round there, ignoring the SLOW signs and bollards already in place.”

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