TRANSPORT: Eventful day of travelling

Recently, having a voucher for Fenwicks, I decided to make a trip to Newcastle.

Friday, 2nd February 2018, 5:00 am

Living at Seahouses, I considered all the options – if you go by car, where does one park? Train station parking is almost impossible, or I could park at Willowburn and catch the bus direct down the A1.

I chose the latter, but oh dear me! That was the day when a lorry, parked in a lay-by, had burst into flames on the A1, hence all traffic was re-routed. In the case of our bus, we went via Weldon Bridge.

That was okay, there was plenty of time.

Upon reaching the bus station, it was, by that time, raining hard. I dashed along to HSBC (no local branch other than Morpeth), then into Windows, where I ‘plonked’ on a beautiful Bechstein, valued at about £23,000. I then went into Fenwicks to my appointment and a decent lunch.

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Coming out of Fenwicks, it was really raining. I dashed back to the bus station and hopped on to the Alnwick bus.

Only then did I realise it was travelling on the A19 via Ashington, Pegswood, Woodhorn, and all the bus stops, continued via Amble (up and down) along to Alnmouth Station (up and down), and then along to Alnwick, realising that my car was parked up at Willowburn.

Well, it was my birthday and I had been on the A1, the A697, the A19 and all the other roads in between.

Please, is it possible to have a reliable travel service?

Trains would reduce the volume of traffic on the A1, which is becoming more busy as the years go by, especially at holiday times.

I do know that there is a train from Chathill very early, but it is no use to me. What would I do in Newcastle on a cold, wet day at 7.30am? Please do not answer that one.

Marjorie G Turner