TRANSPORT: Demand real investment

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I am writing to inform residents about the Labour Party’s plans to hold a local transport consultation session at Alnwick Bus Station as part of our weekly street surgeries in Alnwick.

One of the consistent issues for local people, who we have spoken to on the doorstep and through our weekly community engagement sessions across North Northumberland, has been transportation.

While rural poverty and injustices have very specific impacts on our communities, including desperately needed social housing, education funding and investment in healthcare services, we want to tackle these injustices head on, one by one.

This week, we’ll start off our area-wide assessment of people’s views on North Northumberland’s transport situation.

We’ll be talking through the entire system, from our dreadfully underfunded public transport, especially our buses and rail services, along with the associated infrastructure.

We’ll look in detail at transportation as a whole, including the infamous A1, the state of our roads, vehicle connectivity and the seemingly empty promises made by politicians over the years to deliver proper investment, the likes of which is already seen on a regular basis in the South of England.

We’ll be running this first ever transport consultation from a Labour Party stall just outside Alnwick Bus Station this Saturday (September 1), from 11am until 1pm.

I would like to encourage residents and visitors alike to come down and fill in a consultation survey, and join us to demand proper investment in transport.

Our rural communities are more reliant than ever on proper transport connections.

Yet I believe that years of cuts, Tory austerity and LibDem inaction have caused us to now have an outdated, underfunded and crumbling transport system in North Northumberland.

It’s time we took a stand together and made a change.

We hope to see you there.

James Matthewson,

Chairman of Alnwick Branch Labour Party