Toy cat creates the purr-fect storm in Alnwick Garden show

The cats in question that are causing the purr-fect storm
The cats in question that are causing the purr-fect storm

A show at The Alnwick Garden was interrupted today when a cat campaigner nabbed one of the props.

The penultimate performance of WORKS, which has been visiting The Alnwick Garden, was nearly brought to a standstill when a trustee from Cats Protection intervened to remove a toy cat.

At the end of the performance, two actors create a rat trap which catapults the toy into the air and is then caught by one of them.

But Trevor Jones, from Cats Protection, who was visiting the Garden, grabbed the toy and tried to make off with it. The toy was returned and the show continued.

He said the show was in ‘incredibly bad taste’.

He said: “My concern is, it’s aimed at children. Anything, whether explicitly or subliminally, can, in the eyes of a child, have them believe that it might be a nice joke to fling a cat through the air.

“While I appreciate that this is intended to be a humorous show, I am concerned that it ends with a toy cat being flung through the air. We come across many cats that have been the victims of cruelty and are worried about the depiction of a cat as an item that can be thrown around for fun, particularly as this is a show that will be watched by young children.

“I have urged the creators of the show to consider replacing the toy cat with a more harmless object so as not to imply animal cruelty.”

Lindsay Gill, from The Alnwick Garden, said: “Obviously they’re toy cats and we not advocating the mistreatment of cats but we thought it was a bit overzealous of the part of Cats Protection.”

The last show at the Garden is at 2.30pm this afternoon before WORKS continues on its tour.