Tower block inferno families offered homes in Northumberland

Families caught up in the London tower block tragedy are being offered new homes in Northumberland.

Burnt-out Grenfell Tower.
Burnt-out Grenfell Tower.

The county council has promised to find housing for at least two families affected by the Grenfell Tower disaster, on either a temporary or permanent basis.

Council leader, Coun Peter Jackson, said, “It may seem that we are a long way from this tragedy but we have at least promised to provide real help in this appalling situation.

“Our hearts go out to those people who are suffering so much and we have wasted no time to think about what we can do to help.

“Our council is open and inclusive and willing to be there for those in need. Our county has received help in recent times in dealing with our flooding event. Here we can see that we can offer a hand of help to another community in need.

“If many other councils across the country could offer similar help, then the short-term problem of finding somewhere for the Grenfell families to live then we will have done something positive to help.”

The lack of readily availabile accommodation in London for the many families left homeless is an immediate problem.

The council’s chief executive has been in contact with the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea with an unconditional offer of help.

And Coun Jackson has been asked by local councillors, including Coun Deidre Campbell, what can be done to ease the plight of families.

He said, although Northumberland is a distance from Kensington, the county has a long history of being a welcoming community with all of the social services provision in place to look after people whose lives have been torn apart by the events of the last few days.