Tory candidate calls out opponents on EU referendum

Anne-Marie Trevelyan, right.
Anne-Marie Trevelyan, right.

The Conservative parliamentary candidate for Berwick is challenging her opponents to declare whether they would support a referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union.

Anne-Marie Trevelyan said; “I am firmly committed to fighting for a referendum on our EU membership. All candidates standing in Berwick, and elsewhere, must make it very clear to voters whether they support or oppose giving them a choice on Britain’s future.

“Whether you are, like me, in the Euro-sceptic camp or passionately pro-European, this is a matter of democracy and currently, it is only the Conservative party who have pledged to uphold this by calling a referendum.

“I was five years old the last time British citizens were asked for their opinion and it is high time the people were consulted again.”

In May last year, Prime Minister David Cameron promised UK voters will get an in-out referendum on whether to leave the European Union in 2017. “Whatever it takes I will deliver that in-out referendum. Labour won’t, UKIP can’t, I will,” he said.