Too small to spoil the view

Again you have raised the question of the windmills on Middlemoor.

This Monday I stopped on the hill from Crawley Tower as the day was beautiful and the scene great. It was there the full view of Middlemoor can be observed and I contemplated that scene.

The windmills are too small to obstruct the view and the colour makes them even less intrusive.

I then thought as a tourist as I had done in 2004 in Crete where they have built such a station only slightly larger opposite Spinalonga and I found no objection to that one in regard to my pleasure.

It is also noticeable that the number of tourists in Alnwick over Easter shows no fall-out with visits to Northumberland this year. In every case people have different views as to the method of power generation they dislike most.

I have a real hatred of fields full of solar panels and in that case they have been shown to actually increase the greenhouse effect.

I actually like windmills, but have been much castigated for my liking.

I did notice up by Crawley Tower turning to look west how dreadfully intrusive the power lines crossing the hill west to the south of the tower were and the horrible electric wires spoilt my view that way.

We are about to lose our present power-generating stations; the first go in 2017, so it is now urgent if we are to have electric at all, we start to build.

I am not happy with the fracking idea as there seems to be conflicting views about the bad infiltrating of spoilt water into the water table and who can we trust?

There could be an improvement in coal firing stations in the pollution effect.

I myself am impressed with the safety of the British Nuclear Power industry having toured Wilfa in Wales some years ago.

Hydroelectric could be used in Scotland, but what if they vote to leave, otherwise the drops are too small to give good value for the cost of investment.

However, the debate must end and the next government must decide for us the electorate and get on with it or the lights will go out, that could reduce our electric bills nicely.

Anne Wrangham,

by email