TJ just loves company


Like many of the dogs at SHAK, this year’s Jam Jar Army beneficiary, TJ came to the charity a little worse for wear.

He is a very social and affectionate boy who loves other dogs and people, including children.

He can be a bit clingy, but this is due to the fact that he never had a place that was his long-term home and is still afraid that he might be abandoned.

TJ would prefer for someone to be around most of the day as he really loves company.

He is very clean, fully house-trained and grooms himself after mealtimes – almost like a cat.

He is a dream to walk on the lead and is friendly with all sorts of dogs.

Contact if you can give him a home.

We want businesses, organisations, families and individuals to hold collections as we aim to match or surpass the last two Army campaigns.

Get in touch with us – on 01665 602234 or ben.ocon – if you want to get involved or have any ideas for fund-raising.

We have some jam jars to collect at the Northumberland Gazette office.

In the coming weeks, we will be getting new stickers with the SHAK logo to decorate jars.

Full jars can be dropped off at the Gazette office on Bondgate Without.

For more, visit www.jam or follow @jam jararmy on Twitter.