Timid Tara leaves legacy


A young dog who lived with another Akita, Tia, before she found a new home, is now patiently waiting for his turn.

Blade is a young male with much to offer, but an experienced Akita home with no children is preferred.

If you are interested, email foreverfoster@shak.org.uk

In sad news from SHAK, this year’s Jam Jar Army charity, one of their dogs passed away.

Stephen Wylie, from the charity, said: “Tara was the most frightened and mentally-scarred Rottweiler I have ever known.

“I personally have so many stories of our four-and-a-half years together, but nobody that ever met her will ever forget that timid little dog.

“Humans had damaged her forever, but at SHAK and especially with Denbar, she found love and life.

“In the last few months of her life we had found her a forever foster home and the family she deserved to call her own.

“How tragic that her time was cut so short, but how fantastic that she completed the journey in a loving environment.

“She leaves us all with memories and as a shining example of SHAK’s work, and I’d like to thank her family who completed everything – they made the end of Tara’s life perfect.”

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Contact 01665 602234 if you have a fund-raising idea.