Time catches up with Laser


Time stands still for no man and that counts for dogs too, in particular this week’s featured dog from charity SHAK.

Charity founder Stephen Wylie said: “Laser came to us almost four years ago and has remained as a SHAK resident ever since and lately he has been having problems with his left hip, not putting much weight on that leg and holding it up.

“After seeing Smokey deteriorate in such a fashion, my heart was in my mouth when I took him for X-rays last week. However, my worst fears were not confirmed, and no bone tumour was present, just chronic arthritis.

“After consulting Emily and the team at the vets, it was decided that the best way forward for Laser to make his life as pain free as possible was to perform a procedure called a femoral head and neck excision. Or to the layperson, to take off the top of the thigh bone, removing the area of arthritic change, and once healed making the joint pain-free.

“After which a long rehabilitation period will be needed, including hydrotherapy. The operation alone will cost £450.

“He desperately needs this operation, but we need to raise money to do so. Thereafter any donations towards the cost of the hydrotherapy and anti-inflammatory medication would also be very gratefully received.”

Donate by sending a cheque (payable to SHAK) to Wildwood Cottage, 3a Stead Lane, Bedlington, NE22 5LT, or via PayPal to shak@shak.org.uk