Till and Glendale Rotary Club

WATCH THIS SPACE: Rotarian Stuart Walton is the president of the Seahouses club, but last week he ventured north, with his wife Jen, and gave a talk entitled Watch This Space to the Rotary Club of Till & Glendale and visitors including a delegation from the Rotary Club of Tynemouth.

He gave a history and an analysis of cubism and, in particular, the progress and innovations of Georges Braque, who predated Picasso in his developments and revolutionised accepted orthodoxies on perspective.

Stuart’s audience was spellbound as he revealed the progression through analytical and synthetic Cubism, moving from monochrome to extraordinary use of colour.

All were impressed with Braque’s continued innovation throughout his painting life – and whether we like the style and the end result or not, the club had a very special insight into cubism and one of its principle advocates.

Those present will never look at a painting in quite the same way again.

Rotarians from Tynemouth presented Till & Glendale with a trophy to award annually for wit and repartee so the club will be working hard on its humour.

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