Till and Glendale Rotary Club

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DRESSES AND DANCES: In a fascinating talk, the Rotary Club of Till & Glendale learned much about life in north Northumberland 200 years ago.

Joan Wright, ably assisted by Jan Ward, read from parts of Eleanor Weatherly’s diary.

Living in the early 19th century, lively young Eleanor had a great social life, travelling across north Northumberland and the Borders in pursuit of dinners, dresses and dances.

A devoted card player at home and elsewhere, she thought nothing of gambling and resorted to using her gloves as a novel form of currency!

Eleanor had no hesitation in speaking her mind, often losing her temper with her family and passing comment on the life-partner choices of others!

Joan spent over five years researching the diary and the family and continues to look out for fresh information. Clearly very fond of this warm and friendly character, Joan has got to know the family very well.

The well-attended meeting welcomed visitors, guests and potential Rotarians.

And the club is looking forward to its next meeting when Rotarian Stuart Walton from the Seahouses club will be speaking and a delegation is expected from the Rotary Club of Tynemouth.

Last Saturday, members of the club concentrated efforts on the garden at Berwick Hospice where work is afoot to create a restful and colourful area for service users.