Till and Glendale Rotary Club

POLIO PROMOTION: Till & Glendale Rotary Club massively raised the profile of the End Polio Now campaign in Wooler and the surrounding area during Rotary Week.

Taking the charity shop in the High Street, courtesy of St Mary’s Church and the Glendale Alive Partnership, the club covered the double shop front with posters, sold books and did a street collection, raising around £200 in total for this excellent cause.

President Jane Pannell explained that there are only four countries in the world where polio is now endemic.

She said: “Whilst collecting in Wooler, I came across five people who themselves had polio as children and are still suffering the consequences. And loads of people remember the days of rows of children and young adults in iron lungs.

“We are so close to final eradication and need this final push to complete the job. This disease belongs with small pox – extinct. So, we’re really grateful to all those who made a contribution.”

During the week, District Governor Les Fay visited the club and expressed his pleasure that a new Rotary Club has been formed during his year of office. He urged the club on in its endeavours and stayed to listen to a presentation from Rtns Guy and Frances Richardson on their time in Hong Kong – which means the fragrant garden.

They reflected that it had been far from fragrant at the time, but that they had enjoyed their work in the police service and in introducing a blood transfusion service to the islands.

The club agreed to award a Service Certificate to Sally Hyder who, with her help dog Harmony, has done so much to raise awareness of disability issues that can be helped through Canine Partners. Sally plans to climb Ben Nevis later this year – in her wheelchair.

County council archivist Linda Bankier had visited the club and told many stories about the historic documents and records for which she is custodian.

Do you know the cost of a hangman’s rope? Well, traditionally it’s always been one shilling. And Linda spoke about the plight of prisoners leading to their execution, sometimes for want of a fair jury and justice system.