Till and Glendale Rotary Club

FARM DIVERSIFICATION: Rotarian Simon Henderson from West Fenton Farm told the Rotary Club of Till & Glendale all about his and Rotarian Helen’s work in farming and diversifying in north Northumberland.

From the journey of the supermarket carrot and the frozen pea to the creation of otter holts, barn owl boxes and protected areas for water voles, Simon reflected on the science and the economic decisions that environmentally-conscious modern agri-businesses have to apply.

Farming on Simon’s land is far from trouble-free with windblown soil having to be returned to the fields and a liability to serious flooding. A full understanding and appreciation of the science will, hopefully, prevent the very challenging flood damage experienced a couple of years ago.

Simon farms organically and is keenly at the leading edge of farming, looking to a future where petro-based fuel will be at a premium. He’s exploring using power sources as diverse as the Clydesdale horse and hydrogen-powered tractors.

Nothing is wasted on the farm, with the house and the centre warmed through a practical biomass boiler.

In the summer, the club plans to visit West Fenton Farm to see firsthand the features and activities described by Simon.

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