TIES: Here’s to more co-operation

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Your report about Nicola Sturgeon’s visit to the North East quoted her talking about the “enduring ties” between the region and Scotland, (Northumberland Gazette, November 9).

Our historical memories are often about rivalry and wars between the Scots and Northumbrians. However, there was a really peaceful interlude, which is seldom talked about, when Northumberland was ruled by Scotland.

In 1139, the son of the Scottish King David I became the Earl of Northumberland. When he died, the king’s grandson William took his place until 1157.

While a civil war was raging in the South of England between King Stephen and Matilda, Earl Henry oversaw a much needed period of peace in our county.

He made a grant of property in Newcastle to the nuns of St Bartholomew’s Priory. He granted freedoms to Tynemouth Priory, and a little later granted it fisheries in the Tyne.

He granted saltworks at Warkworth to Brinkburn and Newminster Abbey, a fishery in the Tyne to Newminster, and arable land in Cramlington to the monks of Durham.

Here’s to continued peaceful co-operation between Scotland and the North East.

Bridget Gubbins,

Old Bakehouse Yard,