Jim Askew and his clock.
Jim Askew and his clock.

Does anyone know more about a 19th-century Alnwick clockmaker named Matthew Collingwood?

James Askew, from Alnwick, has a grandfather clock at home which bears the name of M Collingwood and was inherited from his grandmother in Newcastle.

His own research online has led him to find references to a clockmaker from the early 19th century in Alnwick named Matthew Collingwood.

Perhaps our readers may know more about the man and his clocks. Contact ben.oconnell@jpress.co.uk if you have any information.

Mr Askew got in touch with the Gazette after reading about the hunt for clocks made by Thomas Tait, another 19th-century clockmaker, from Belford.

Local historians in the village are currently researching various people connected with the Erskine United Reformed Church, including Thomas Tait, who in 1812 made a clock for the church, which hangs opposite the pulpit to this day.