Thropton WI, September meeting

After a break for August, members of Thropton WI all met again.

We began early and sped through the notices etc, then we were introduced to Alan Giles and Old English, their theme was Pressed.

They showed pictures of ships, men and documents to tell how the Press Gang acted in the North East.

The folk group of three played a selection of instruments, and sang the songs associated with impressment.

The first was thought to be the first known. All Things Are Quite Silent. It, and all others of their collection, are from the point of view of the men who were ‘pressed’ or from their wives trying to prevent their men being taken.

Although it was required by law and regulating officers were in every large port, women did fight to keep their men.

Many members joined in singing some of the songs, then shared tea.

Our next meeting is on October 1, and is My Part in Thropton Pele Tower’s History by Ian Web. It will also be a pooled supper.