Thropton WI, September meeting

From a lovely summer, members of Thropton WI returned to find our first speaker Karen Walker putting out an interesting display of rugs.

After our usual announcements, Karen began telling us about herself and her rugs.

She trained at Woodhorn and has made a business from rug making.

It is a very particular type of rug, the sort older people remember from their childhood (if their families were poor).

Families made their own rugs, from sacking and cut-up old clothes.

They were called proggy, proddy, peggy or hooky.

A hook or prodder pushed cut-up strips of cloth through sacking and all the family worked on it.

Men made the tools for it from whatever was available, door handles, keys, etc.

Post war kits were available, but it fell out of favour.

Now interest is revived and Karen showed us all the new rugs she makes. Bright colours and new materials are used.

Our next meeting is Travels in Asia on October 2.