Thropton WI, September meeting

MICRO MAGIC: After the August break, it was good to see everyone again at Thropton WI. We heard a report from our representative to the national AGM.

Then the talk on ‘The Microwave’ by Elin Roberts from the Centre of Life. This would have been our April programme, but was postponed until now.

She began by saying she enjoys working with groups of all ages, and loves her job.

Elin had a microwave oven on a table, with bowls and bread. Curtains closed, and people ready to switch lights off, she told us we all use chemistry whenever we do baking, old cookers heat food from the outside first, microwave ovens begin in the middle.

She showed this, by trying to toast a piece of bread when brought out, it was still white, but when broken in two we saw the inside was cooked.

It is all because of positive and negative poles, electric magnetic spectrum and water. There is water in most food. Wet things heat quicker than dry ones.

Next a CD was put in the oven, and ruined, but received a fractal pattern. A light bulb in a glass of water, became lit up inside the oven (but wasn’t in too long).

Last a slab of chocolate was melted in parts. It showed that if a microwave oven is solid, it should be safe. Still, do not try to boil an egg in one.

Elin was thanked for fascinating talk.

On October 8, we have ‘Serried Ranks and Bluebells’ by Bob Harrison.