Thropton WI, November meeting

At the November meeting of Thropton WI , members brought along Christmas gifts for residents of Walby Hill and St George’s Hospital and were thanked for their contributions towards Federation’s Pledge Auction.

Congratulations to Ursula Mavin who made a splendid scarecrow for the Jolly Scarecrow competition held at Heighley Gate. We were told he had been exhibited beside a stuffed voluptuous blonde and consequently felt that his title, Tired Shepherd, was very apt.

As our regular walks leader cannot be with us this month it was felt best to cancel our usual ramble as none of the other walkers possess any useful sense of direction.

Bev Dean was thanked for organising our trip to BBC Newcastle where we enjoyed a tour of the TV and radio studios meeting Colin Briggs and Chris Jackson along the way. Reading from a script, we recorded our own radio play and provided the eerie sound effects. Then, in front of cameras, members presented the news and sport followed by a hilarious ad-lib weather forecast from president Marian Lampert.

Our speaker Gert Jones required no introduction as she is a great favourite with us. Entitled Something Different for Winter, her cookery demonstration was in part inspired by her recent visit to USA. Autumn squash soup with pumpkin bread and pulled pork with relish hint at the savoury recipes she produced.

Then there were the desserts. Chocolate truffle pots and a spectacular chocolate and fruit meringue cake. A lucky member won the meringue cake in the raffle.

Our meeting ended with a sparkle. As it was November 5, Gert had made a cake imaginatively decorated as a bonfire with chocolate sticks and colourful sweets and on top was a firework.

Next month is our Christmas party.