Thropton WI, November meeting

At the November meeting of Thropton WI, Bill Bland gave us a talk on the Ordnance Survey, with pictures.

He told us he has a lifetime’s fascination with maps, from wartime memories and a local map given to his brother.

He saw the places he knew, and the paths he used, down on paper.

The first thing be bought himself when he was working was copy of that same map, and he has it still.

After the Jacobite troubles and Culloden, the army began to carry out a survey of the Highlands of Scotland. Some men worked on this for the rest of their lives.

This was a government ordnance, as the names shows.

At first only military were involved, but later civilians were included.

We saw the equipment used, and the calculations, using trigonometry, which were very heavy, difficult and slow.

During Bill’s working life the equipment improved but the work continued on drawing boards until computers and hand -eld devises were available.

Now one person can do the work of many in a very short time.

Walkers can now plot their route and find where they are immediately, which is very useful.

Next month is our Christmas dinner.