Thropton WI, Meeting

Some of the Tudor-style costumes on show at Thropton WI.Some of the Tudor-style costumes on show at Thropton WI.
Some of the Tudor-style costumes on show at Thropton WI.
Tudor tailoring

It was curtain-up time at Thropton WI’s July meeting, curtain up on a Tudor Extravaganza.

On stage were four full-sized manikins, one clad in Tudor-style undergarments, the others representing the magnificent outfits worn by Anne Boleyn, Elizabeth I, and Mary Queen of Scots.

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These exquisite gowns had been researched and created by Julia Soares-McCormack, who proceeded to reveal her extensive knowledge of Tudor customs and costumes and the methods she uses to make these intricate and accurate recreations.

Julia was a relaxed and amusing speaker, bringing to life this brutal era of executions, not least with the sudden appearance of Henry VIII (Julia’s husband).

Henry was immediately recognisable from the portraits we know so well – his outfit, from fur-trimmed hat to his tights, had also been sewn by this very talented costume designer.

Julia’s presentation was thoroughly enjoyed by her enthusiastic audience, our numbers swollen by guests from several local WIs who had been invited to join us for this special evening.

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Back in the 20th century, our president Beverley was pouring the Prosecco before she proposed a toast to the Queen on her 90th birthday.

The accompanying cake, baked by the committee, and raffle, contributed to a memorable evening at Thropton WI prior to our summer break.

Our first meeting of the autumn will be on September 7 when we shall learn how to deal with different cuts of meat. New members are always warmly welcomed.