Thropton WI, May meeting

ANNUAL MEETING: As this was Thropton WI’s annual meeting, it began by singing Jerusalem, and we were introduced to the WI advisor, Prudence Marks.

We were told of the two resolutions for the AGM.

One was against closures of libraries. All agreed that, luckily for us, none should go from the villages that have them now, although they may have to move buildings for mixed use. (This is just true of Northumberland).

The mega farms is much more of an involved subject.

Prudence said the NFU and the Soil Association are for them, but many in the WI don’t like to think of pigs and cows never getting into fields or meadows.

She told us that this country is not producing enough food for itself, so there may be no choice.

The annual reports were given. The president and committee were elected and thanked.

Prudence told us what being an advisor is about and the training needed to become one, and urged more people to train too.

The competition cup was given and the meeting ended with a pooled supper, and thoughts of the forthcoming events, the next being on June 1.

The talk will be Nine Types of Personality by Linda Hatton. The competition will be an old family photo.