Thropton WI, March meeting

Thropton WI’s speaker was Jenny Bates and she came with some film, sound and pictures to tell us of her travels in Mongolia.

Jenny now lives in Hepple. For years she was health visitor and when a fellow worker went as a volunteer health worker to Mongolia, she had the chance to visit herself.

She found great contrast between the crowded cities with high-rise buildings and our pollution, and the vast open plains of poor land, where nomadic people live in yurts and keep goats. There are also wild horses and camels. The people are very poor and live a hard life.

We saw many pictures from state buildings, to parades and fireworks, even a Beatles memorial.

Not all Jenny’s experiences were good. Youths shouted and threw stones in one district. She ate sheep’s eyes.

But she would love to go back one day and found it fascinating and beautiful.

Our next meeting is April 2, and is titled Send a Cow by Dr Rachel Lyons.