Thropton WI, June meeting

DIFFERENT SHAPES: A fun and interesting talk was given to members of Thropton WI by Linda Hatton on the nine types of personality.

She began by asking why everyone thinks differently from each other, and said it was because we are different types.

Think of a circle devided in three, and three again.

The first third is emotional. Number two character nutures others, and can lose energy and become ill.

Number three has got to have the best, can steal knowledge without giving recognition and number four is very up for down, all me, me, me.

By the age of seven, our brains have formed the fight or flight patterns,to make us safe. Number five is the traditional bookworm, good at reading instructions, but can dig heels in.

Number six is hard working and a team player. Number seven can’t sit still, must have noise and to know what happens next.

For number eight, the way to survive was to bully and threaten. Nine can be a combination of the types, seeing both sides of an argument and number one are all black and white and no grey. Good leaders.

The next meeting is summer poems and readings on July 6 with strawberry tea. The competition is a holiday souvenir.