Thropton WI, January meeting

At the January meeting of Thropton WI, members began by remembering dear friends who died last year.

Our speaker was Fran Elson, who told us the story of an Austrian dress.

The dress had belonged to her mother and when the film Sound of Music came out, Fran learned that her mother had escaped over the mountains like the family in the film.

Although the family had become Christians, the Nazi law counted them as Jews.

Fran and her sister found old letters between their mother Ilse and her mother Hulda and grandmother Gisela. These have been made into a book, Escape to Auschwitz, that tells their stories.

Although Ilse did escape, the others did not.

The happy story of Ilse meeting her husband in England, and loving letters between them, was a good contrast.

We know horrors of war still continue. Holocaust Memorial Day is on January 27, and there will be readings from the book in the Jubilee Hall, Rothbury, on January 24.

Our next meeting is The Other Geordies by Alan Fendley on February 5.