Thropton WI, January meeting

LIFE COACHING: Thropton WI’s first meeting began with Rachel Hartford giving the talk New Year, New You.

She told us she is a life coach and explained what that means. In her case it can be transition coaching, for groups, or one-to-one.

She has worked with young people and enjoys helping them gain self belief, then see what they can do.

Groups have been in Newbiggin, Ashington, Jarrow. Some retraining for work who learn how to talk to employers and others.

The Government has begun a happiness report, as a national indicator. That is a good sign.

Rachel thinks that everyday we should connect, achieve, look around, have learning, and give, for our own health and happiness.

She works with Google and referrals and adds samples sessions and activities.

To demonstrate, we were all given paper and taught to make a life shield with four parts.

One for the past, one the present, then the future, and last for our wildest dreams.

This was enjoyable and interesting.

Our next meeting will be Lingerie by Louise Lewis on February 1.