Thropton WI, January meeting

ROYAL GARDEN: Thropton WI had a good attendance considering there are still piles of snow everywhere.

Bill Bland was introduced to give a talk on The Garden at Highgrove with friend Len Preston, to show the pictures.

Bill began by saying the world was unfair.

When he was recovering from an illness he and Len, talked about their sons, and from that and his love of gardens, came the invitation to visit Highgrove.

We saw the Google pictures of Prince Charles’s home, gardens and estates, and from the book on it, beautiful pictures of the gardens.

Bill told us of Prince Charles’s decision not to spoil the environment, and of the different parts of the grounds.

He spoke of the terrace garden with a yew hedge, wild flower meadows that took 10 years to get right, horses used instead of machines, well-managed woodlands, an apple orchard and an orangery.

Prince Charles has an eye for details, such as incorporating old stones into cobble path, and creating new walls with some gifts he has been given.

His views were new, 30 years ago, but are becoming mainstream now. He leads by example. Bills said he found it all in very good taste.

We all enjoyed his talk.

Our next meeting is The Armstrongs at Home, on February 3.