Three bids for new homes in Northumberland village

The site of the proposed homes on Nelson Drive, Swarland. Picture from GoogleThe site of the proposed homes on Nelson Drive, Swarland. Picture from Google
The site of the proposed homes on Nelson Drive, Swarland. Picture from Google
A number of new homes are on the cards in Swarland, across three separate planning applications submitted to Northumberland County Council.

Applicant James Brown is seeking permission for seven new houses on land next to 3 Nelson Drive.

Three of the properties would be three-bedroom bungalows, while two would be four-bedroom bungalows and the other two would have four bedrooms across one-and-a-half storeys.

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The application states: ‘The dwellings are to be constructed from timber frame offering a practical building solution. The layout is to allow for modern family living while externally reflecting the dwellings in the village.

‘The heights and size of the new dwellings have been designed to match the existing surrounding houses where practicable.

‘The development is well placed within the village of Swarland to provide additional family living within the local community.’

The plots will be accessed by a new road from Nelson Drive, with off-street parking to be provided within the curtilage of the dwellings.

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A turning circle would be provided at the head of the road to provide an adequate turning point, in addition to the use of the private drives to prevent reversing onto Nelson Drive.

Meanwhile, further south, Mr D Mason wants outline approval for a linear development of six homes, gardens and parking on a plot to the east of Park Road.

A planning statement accepts that the site is ‘outside, but adjacent to’ the settlement boundary, adding that it ‘is not allocated for any particular use, does not form part of any sensitive land designations and lies outside of any designated conservation areas.’

‘It is clear that the site’s position close to Swarland makes it a sustainable location for some forms of development,’ it continues.

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‘The site is walking and cycling distance from services in Swarland providing an alternative means of transport to the private car – a matter which is critical to promoting sustainable patterns of travel.

‘The site is also walking and cycling distance from local bus services, providing wider access to nearby Alnwick.’

The document later adds: ‘It is considered that the application site is the most obvious location for an edge-of-settlement expansion. It is located adjacent to the road network and in close proximity to the village centre.’

The plans say that the design would reflect the simple, traditional design in the immediate vicinity, while each property would be accessed via its own private drive off Park Road, in keeping with the current street-scene.

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Finally, the same applicant has also submitted an outline application for a new house on land south-west of Old Gardens, off Park Road in Old Swarland.

It is proposed to build a one-and-a-half-storey, four-bedroom home as well as a detached double garage on the site, which is previously developed, having been used for storage of commercial and agricultural machinery.

The plot is bounded by housing to the north and east and Park Road to the west, from where an access point already exists. South of the site is a field with more homes beyond that.

Ben O'Connell, Local Democracy Reporting Service