There she blows!

Water jet in rothbury.
Water jet in rothbury.

THIS is the moment that a huge jet of water shot out of the ground in a north Northumberland village.

Residents in Rothbury were left without water on Friday afternoon when workers from Northumbrian Water tried to fix a leaky pipe but instead caused the water to shoot up into the air on Bridge Street.

At its height the geyser was taller than the Railway Hotel behind it.

A spokeswoman for Northumbrian Water said: “The jet of water is not directly connected to work that is taking place on the bridge in Rothbury.

“We got a report of a water valve leaking on Bridge Street. When we went to investigate we turned the valve to try to stop the leak and unfortunately on the valve we turned to spindle came off and it broke. That is why the jet shot up.

“We managed to suppress the water and carried out repairs on the valve that was originally leaking.

“Because it was an emergency repair we had to turn the water off as soon as possible.”