Is there enough for youngsters to do in the area?

Our readers have varying views on whether there is enough for young people to do in north Northumberland.

Wednesday, 4th January 2017, 4:06 pm
Updated Wednesday, 11th January 2017, 2:49 am
Last month, we reported on the concerted efforts to tackle youth disorder at Alnwick bus station.

The debate on our Facebook page was sparked following last week’s report that Wooler’s youth drop-in centre is at risk due to funding fears – just the latest story relating to youth provision, which has also been discussed in Alnwick and Amble.

Here are some of the replies to our question: Is there enough for young people to do in north Northumberland?

Gary Brown: No. There needs to be more for young people to do – there are some activities already, but why not ask those ‘hanging around’ what they’d like to see?

Katrina Cassidy: Army Cadets have detachments in Broomhill, Amble, Alnwick, Rothbury, Bellingham, Belford and Berwick. All staffed by volunteers with fantastic opportunities. Ages 12-18 with opportunity to get qualifications in First Aid, BTEC and Duke of Edinburgh. As well as building self-esteem, teamwork.

Rebecka Weidner: I’m not being funny but it’s been the same for decades. Some Teenagers will hang around public places and make mischief. It’s nothing new.

Sharon Crisp: If they look for it there are things there part of the problem is they dnt wnt to do it.

Gemma Mather: About 10 if not more teenagers came into the pub last night no adult with them just a big group of them, they only wanted to play pool and weren’t doing any harm but a pub isn’t the place for them.

Lisa Aynsley: Definitely not I find it so frustrating, they are constantly criticised (good and bad) We had the youth centre, nothing flash a pool table, dart board and a TV but it kept us off the street.

Malcolm Bell: Every time the kids of Alnwick try to get some funding to build or do something for the youth of Alnwick, residents complain and block it!! Look what happened to the bike track that should have been built!! Residents more worried about their over inflated house prices rather than having something for the kids to do/go to. Everyone’s all for getting something for the kids until it’s beside there house!!

Jennifer Surtees: [email protected] based at Alnwick Community Centre have lots on for young people and are always looking for ways to engage them. However, volunteers are essential to keep it going.

Shaun Robinson: Really gets on my nerves this. The things the youth have today in the way of things to do is unreal. Half the trouble is lack of discipline and them thinking the world owes them something. Bring back national service and teach them some respect.