The Tweet to soap star that grabbed national headlines

Carl Johnson.
Carl Johnson.

One day you send a simple message to a TV star on a social-networking site and the next, it’s splashed all over a tabloid newspaper.

That’s exactly what happened to Carl Johnson, from Alnwick, when he tweeted (sent a message on Twitter) to former Eastenders star and current Coronation Street actress Michelle Collins.

The soap star had started the conversation as she thanked Corrie fans for their support, but expressed frustration that her character Stella’s role was becoming that of a minor character.

And last Thursday, Carl compared her to an extra who doesn’t speak in a rival soap: “Why has Stella become an extra!? Eastenders Tracy gets more lines!! #SuchAWaste”

It sparked a response from Michelle, who said: “tell me about it !!!!! X”

The following day, the story was picked up in the TVBiz section of The Sun, where Carl was named and his tweet was quoted, under the headline Michelle web rant.

“When she retweeted and then replied, basically agreeing with me, I kind of had a feeling it would get some attention, but not as much as it did,” Carl told the Gazette.

And The Sun wasn’t the only media outlet to run the story as it was also picked up by the UK edition of the American online news site, the Huffington Post, which published a story, Coronation Street Star Michelle Collins Tweets Frustration Over Her Character Stella Price Becoming An ‘Extra’.

Again Carl found himself named and quoted, while a screenshot of his Twitter conversation with Michelle was also published.

But in his original Facebook message to us, he wrote: “Hi, I’ve gone viral over a tweet to Michelle Collins, love being in the Sun but would much prefer Gazette fame, haha!”

You have your wish, Carl!