The toast is Archer’s

Nick Hutchinsin and Adrian Ions with the beer at Alnwick Youth Hostel.
Nick Hutchinsin and Adrian Ions with the beer at Alnwick Youth Hostel.

A NEW beer has been made to commemorate the recent opening of Alnwick Youth Hostel.

Archer’s Ale, brewed by Wylam, takes its name from the hostel location’s history.

The building is in Green Batt and stands on the route of the old town wall. It is here in medieval times that the defenders of the town practised and honed their skills with the bow and arrow, hence the name.

Nick Hutchinson, assistant manager at the hostel and who manages the food and drink operation, said: “The name relates to the medieval history of the town. The name Green Batt is a corruption of the original medieval name Green Butt. A butt was originally the name of the mound of earth used as a target for archery practice, over time a butt came to mean the area in which archery practice took place.

“Green simply refers to it being grassy. In medieval times it was compulsory for all yeomen to practice archery every day, except Sunday. A medieval battle was often won by the side who had the best archers, which is why, in towns throughout Britain, you will often find the odd Butt, sometimes a Batt and occasionally a few Butts.”

Archers’ Ale is a full bodied ruby ale and is on sale only at the hostel. Only just launched, it is already on demand from guests who have tasted it and are also buying it to take home as a souvenir.

Rob Millichamp, the Gazette’s beer reviewer, said: “The beer has a deep mahogany and toasted grain aroma with a palate of fruit cake and more toasted grain. It is a nicely-composed, low-gravity Scotch heavy with cleaness from filtration. A good beer.”