The step up to chemistry at A-Level

If you are in Year 10 or Year 11 and are finding GCSE exams hard, we know how you feel.

We are in Year 12 now and are both currently studying at AS Level and took our GCSEs less than a year ago.

We both enjoyed GCSE chemistry – the practical side – but when it came to the exams we liked it a lot less.

There was so much pressure on us to revise for every exam, in every subject and being told that ‘they are the most important exams in your life’ just added extra worry.

After staying for extra revision classes in many of the subjects and making hundreds of pages of notes, it all paid off and we were delighted with our GCSE results when they came out in August.

We both even got an A* in our final chemistry exam and an A overall. We were ecstatic.

These great results led us to take chemistry at A-Level, amongst other subjects, and this was a whole new kettle of fish.

At the start the work was much harder to understand and there was a lot more homework.

But after three months of chemistry we find it interesting and are now even considering jobs in this area.

Our first exams are in January and we are starting to revise early to prevent stress nearer the time. Hopefully we will do well in our chemistry paper with help from Mrs Bailey, who got us through our GCSEs.

We just keep telling ourselves and all other students out there that all the effort and hard work ‘will pay off in the end’.

Demi Hindhaugh and Jenny Handyside (Year 12)