The rooks have left the village for now

Rothbury - Moat 1 year on'Mark Gilson
Rothbury - Moat 1 year on'Mark Gilson

After years of wrangling over the removal of rooks from Rothbury’s village centre the birds have finally flown the nest.

The parish council has been discussing the issue of eradicating the birds from the village for a number of years because of the mess they cause and potential health concerns.

A number of different options were discussed, which included crowning trees and shooting the birds.

However, a humane approach has been taken and nests have been removed from the trees along the High Street and village greens where the birds made their homes.

Coun Mark Gilson was tasked with trying to find a solution to the problem.

He told last week’s meeting that three separate licences were sought before they could be dealt with.

“It is all done and dusted,” he said.

“They started at 7.30am last Saturday and it looks as though the rooks haven’t come back.

“There is a bill in from the people who did the deed.”

Coun Fendley asked if there were plans to get rid of rooks behind the Coquetvale after an inquiry from a resident but Coun Gilson said there were no plans to do so.