The rigours of revision made easier

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Revising for the biology AS exam was never going to be anything other than a daunting prospect, however, I was helped massively by the introduction to all JCSC students of Moodle.

To begin with we thought Moodle was merely a tracking system for the benefit of the staff and our parents, however, we soon learned that there is a great deal more to it than that! It also allowed us, the students, to access Powerpoint presentations and work completed in our lessons, with guidance notes and references, all of which helped to improve memory recall of topics covered.

Sometimes complicated concepts can become muddled when you get home and having Moodle on hand helped to clarify things and clear your mind when working alone, often in the middle of the night when it would not be acceptable to ‘phone a friend’! It enabled us to have instant access to teachers and other students, asking questions and solving problems through continuous communication. It certainly made revising quick and easy, something I never thought I would hear myself say!

Another revision tool provided by Moodle that I employed, was the Walk the Plank quiz option to help us reinforce and remember certain topics. We found it very helpful for our biology and geography studies, again assisting us in the retention of information. The quizzes place an emphasis on key terminology, critical when answering exam questions, but also, and arguably more enjoyably, in guaranteeing victory in the quiz and pushing the teacher off the plank!

Moodle is used on a daily basis in school and at home and we are sure it will become invaluable during our final year with the onset of A-Levels.

All revision aids are eagerly accepted!

Alexandra Stott and James Virtue, Year 12