The petition in more detail

Amble harbour
Amble harbour
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Concerned residents have sent a petition to MP Sir Alan Beith about a string of problems around Amble’s harbour area.

But the town council is frustrated that the complainants did not speak to them first, as members have been working to find solutions.

The document, which is due to go before Northumberland County Council’s north area committee in November, raises concerns about parking, litter and anti-social behaviour.

The petition states that groups of young drivers congregate at the Little Shore or Dolphin View car parks until the early hours, with music blaring and engines reviving, as well as using these areas of the town as a race track.

Within the document, residents have said: “This behaviour seems to have been ignored but it is both an irritant to the local community and potentially dangerous to pedestrians and passers-by.”

They have also claimed that the Little Shore is ‘strewn with masses of discarded fish and chip wrappers’ on a daily basis, which have been pulled out of badly-designed litter bins by seagulls.

Parking issues have also come under the spotlight, including the problem of cars not using the parking spaces available, double-parking and parking on junctions illegally.

The petition states that the principal reasons contributing to these are the Harbour Markets on Wednesdays and Sundays, car-boot sales on Saturdays and all Bank Holiday weekends.

It add that large amounts of visitors in vehicles using Ladbroke Street and Harbour Road cause gridlock, which in turn creates parking problems for residents.

The petition suggests introducing a residents’ parking scheme coupled with double-yellow lines, particularly at junctions.

It adds: “Parking in Amble generally, and in our streets in particular, has become an increasing problem in the past few years and now needs an urgent solution.”