The pen is mightier than the sword

The cartoon by Donna Scott.
The cartoon by Donna Scott.

Defiant and powerful – an Alnwick-based cartoonist was inspired to create this satirical sketch in the wake of the Paris terror attacks last week.

Donna Scott, of Arkle Court, says she produced the symbolic image in a show of solidarity to the murdered artists and journalists of the magazine Charlie Hebdo.

The 47-year-old used to work as a cartoonist for a newspaper in Scotland and last week’s tragedy motivated her to once again put her skills to good use.

She said: “As soon as I heard about what had happened, I had a gut feeling that I wanted to create a cartoon which stood up to those who are trying to silence others.

“I thought, these are my fellow cartoonists and I wanted to show solidarity to them.

“I know that trepidation that cartoonists feel about how things will be received.

“It is a jolly job, but it can be potentially hazardous.”

Donna’s previous artwork has included children’s pieces and political-themed cartoons.