The Jubilee rescuers

The 3Cs dive boat under tow.
The 3Cs dive boat under tow.

Lifeboat crews had a busy Jubilee bank holiday weekend with five call-outs in the space of three days.

The Seahouses team was kept on its toes after the first call came in at around at 11am on Saturday, when a horse had become trapped on soft sand at Fenham Flats, near Holy Island.

Attempts were made to free the animal, in case it tried to bolt towards deeper water. Meanwhile the rider was found safe and well.

The horse was eventually able to free itself and made its way to the shore and awaiting coastguards, who ensured it was reunited with its owner. The animal seemed none the worse for its unfortunate experience.

Just over twelve hours later, at 11.30pm, a 10-metre yacht, Honour Bound from Blyth, was reported aground at Beadnell Bay, requiring the launch of both Seahouses lifeboats.

The next call came at 10.09am on Sunday, when an inflatable dive boat, from 3Cs Dive Club in Darlington, with five people on board, broke down outside Seahouses Harbour, and was being carried onto the rocks by the tide and wind. The inshore lifeboat safely towed the vessel back for repair.

At 2pm the same day, charter vessel Guide Me reported that a member of his fishing party had collapsed with a fit, and requested an ambulance to meet them at Seahouses. The patient was given oxygen and handed over to an awaiting ambulance at Seahouses.

The last call, a false alarm with good intent, came on Monday.

A member of the public reported a kite surfer in distress off the beach between Bamburgh and Seahouses, but the surfer was found well.