The hunt is on for haunted locations

Two Northumberland ghost hunters are looking for some earthly help with their second book.

Paul Green (The Psychic Biker) and Stephen Lambert (The Extreme Ghost Hunter) are looking for new locations which they can feature in the book.

They already have chapters devoted to locations in the North East,Chillingham Castle being one where they were given access to record a radio show that forms a chapter in the new book.

But they feel there are a host of other possibly unknown locations with a history of odd events and unexplained mysteries.

Anyone with a suggestion for a haunted location can email Paul at paul@egh

Their first book, The Psychic Biker meets The Extreme Ghost Hunter, was a finalist in The People Book Prize and a chapter from it has been turned into a TV pilot to be aired in the USA this year.

Extreme ghost hunting was formed to give people the chance to experience a night in a haunted location, without gadgets and technology.