That’s just foul! Dog dirt a big problem on pitches

Clean up after your dog.
Clean up after your dog.
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Disgusted volunteers from a junior football club want to give dog mess the red card after accusing irresponsible owners of foul play.

Committee members of Alnwick Town’s youth section are desperate to tackle the long-running problem of soiled pitches at Greensfield.

The amount of poo is so bad, that some young players have had to throw away their football boots after treading in the filth.

There are also cases of doggy dirt needing to be cleared from pitches before the start of matches.

Nicola Cooke, who is welfare officer for the Juniors, has branded the issue ‘embarrassing’ and admitted the club is desperate to give dog fouling its marching orders.

She said: “It really is a big issue. There are so many instances of football boots having to be thrown away because they are covered in muck.

“Kids have been covered in it, getting it on their socks and shorts. It is left in the middle of pitches and it has to be cleared before the start of games.

“The pitches are used by Alnwick Town Juniors, the Duchess’s Community High School and opposition sides who come from all over the place.

“So it is really embarrassing when the pitches are covered in mess.

“You also have the issue of children being scared of dogs.”

Nicola added: “The pitches are on private land, so people can’t walk their dogs on the pitches, it is not allowed.

“There is actually a footpath to the side of the pitches which can be used.”

The mucky playing fields is not a new issue and Nicola said that club representatives have tried to find a solution, but it has been in vain.

She said: “We have tried to say to people that they are not allowed to walk their dogs on these pitches, but people can be quite rude to you.

“Now we have made some laminated signs to try to make people aware.”