THANK YOU: Great service to Playhouse

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There are many organisations in our area that are run almost entirely by volunteers, which provide essential services to our community.

The lifeboats and the hospice are wonderful examples. But there is one place that all age groups treasure and value and that is the Playhouse.

The Playhouse Trust was formed back in 1990 to buy and convert the old cinema and has provided a venue for a wide range of arts programmes for everyone ever since.

Two people, Bill Hugonin and Roy Todd, were founding members, and Roy in particular has taken on the onerous task of day to day management through good times and bad.

No one could have given a greater service to the community than Roy and we are all deeply indebted to him.

Now he is retiring from the chairmanship and handing over to a new chairman who will no doubt do an excellent job.

But Roy’s contribution should be noted and I would like to thank him through the Gazette for all that he has done for the Playhouse over a great many years.

I am sure that we will see him there in his familiar seat enjoying the wide ranging programme on offer, but I hope that he can now do so without worrying about the state of the roof.

As the Playhouse moves into a new phase of refurbishment and improvement, I hope that the contribution of those original far-sighted volunteers will be remembered.

Thank you from all of us who continue to enjoy and benefit from all that the Playhouse has to offer and we look forward to supporting the Playhouse for many years to come.

Lalage Bosanquet,

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