Tesco wants to sell site of axed store

A supermarket giant which axed plans to open a store in Amble is now trying to sell the site, the Gazette has been told.

At the start of the year, Tesco announced that it had scrapped its proposed shop, which had been earmarked for north of Queen Street and adjacent to the Braid.

The decision came as the company faced financial pressures and brought an end to a long-running saga in the town, after the firm – granted permission for the store more than five years ago – continually stalled progress at the site, despite pledging its commitment to the cause.

Following the news, community leaders said that key questions needed to be answered, notably what would happen to the plot, which had been cleared and tidied up by Tesco.

On Tuesday, the company announced that it is actively trying to sell the land.

Tesco spokesman Mark Thomas said: “We’re actively marketing our site in Amble and are considering all expressions of interest so we can make sure the site has a positive future.”

The news has been welcomed by key figures in the town.

Coun Jane Dargue, who is Amble’s Deputy Mayor, said: “It is great that they are taking action and we can see some sort of end game with this.

“We will watch this interest to see what happens with the sale. It is something that we are very happy to see some movement on.”

Amble Business Club chairman Ann Burke added: “I hope when they find someone, it is a supermarket to give a better range of shopping in Amble.

“It is good that they are getting on and trying to sell the site in Amble, so the town can move on and not have a derelict area.”