Tesco hoping demolition work at site will start soon

The fenced-off buildings on The Braid.
The fenced-off buildings on The Braid.

A Tesco executive has said the company fully appreciates the urgency for demolition work to start at the eyesore site of its stalled Amble supermarket.

The company has permission to build an eco-store on land north of Queen Street and adjacent to The Braid, but the scheme has been delayed over the last few years.

Revised plans, which were originally promised for public consultation in autumn 2013 – after Tesco made an 11th-hour decision to amend the scheme at the start of last year – are still to be released.

Frustration is also mounting about the length of time it is taking Tesco to clear the site, which is plagued by derelict buildings. Some nearby residents say it is so bad, they can’t sell their homes.

But in a recent email – which has been shown to the Gazette – from Tesco to an Amble resident, the company has reiterated that it is working to make the plot more aesthetically pleasing.

The correspondence, from the company’s customer service executive, was in response to complaints raised by the resident, who did not want to be named, about the state of the site and the length of time it has taken to clear it.

The email states: ‘We have been delayed while all the utilities were disconnected.

‘This has been a lengthy process and taken longer than we’d hope but is now complete where possible.

‘Our project manager confirmed Amble is now safe for demolition to go ahead.

‘We’re in the processes of putting a demolition contractor in place.

‘I’m not able to offer you any timescales but we all appreciate the urgency for this to start. We’re hoping to start work in the not so distant future.’