Teen hailed as hero after car crash rescue

George Murray receiving his Certificate of Commendation from paramedic, Timothy MacDonald.
George Murray receiving his Certificate of Commendation from paramedic, Timothy MacDonald.

A teenager who assisted a badly-injured man after a head-on collision on the A1 has been commended for his actions by ambulance chiefs.

Sixteen-year-old George Murray, from Wooler, was travelling home from school in Berwick with his dad, Angus, who is a traffic policeman based in Alnwick, on October 2.

But as they neared the junction with the B6525 near Oxford Farm, they saw the horrific aftermath of a crash between a car and a van.

Mr Murray said: “We came down the road and were confronted with what had been a head-on crash.

“One of the occupants of the van had gone through the windscreen and sustained a serious head injury. The driver had suffered bad whiplash and a woman in the car was in a state of shock.

“As a traffic officer, I’ve seen some pretty bad accidents, but George stayed completely calm. Because I was faced with three casualties and two vehicles, he got gloves out of the first aid kit and tended to the man with the head injury.

“George is a member of Wooler Young Firefighters and the Scouts, so both had given him first aid training. But for somebody to come across an accident scene as bad as that and remain completely level-headed is remarkable.”

Emergency services raced to the scene, including Wooler paramedic Tim McDonald.

He said: “George had administered first aid to a high standard. Due to the condition of the patients, the amount of blood and the general nature of the scene, I feel that George deserves to be commended for his actions.

“I was extremely impressed by the controlled manner in which this young man conducted himself and I am convinced that his actions will have had a beneficial outcome for the patient.”

George received an official commendation on Monday.

Mr Murray said: “I can’t describe how proud of him I am. I also have to say what a fantastic organisation Young Firefighters is and what a benefit it brings to the young people of Wooler.”