Technology meets history

Neil Wilson, owner, and Mark Bawden, senior app designer, from Neil Wilson Design.
Neil Wilson, owner, and Mark Bawden, senior app designer, from Neil Wilson Design.

Visitors to Holy Island will soon benefit from a mobile-phone app to enhance their trip, providing them with history, information and more.

Developed by Newcastle-based Neil Wilson Design for the Holy Island Partnership, the application allows visitors to point a mobile phone or device at designated spots around the island and then have images and information superimposed upon the view.

Information of historical interest will be coupled with tourist and wildlife information allowing visitors to further understand the unique island, its history and habitats.

The aim is to enhance visitors’ experience while encouraging them to explore Holy Island beyond the castle, Priory and harbour.

It is hoped to promote the island from a local perspective by using stories from local people and work by local artists.

The company’s owner, Neil Wilson, said: “The information provided will encourage visitors to learn more about the island, its history, wildlife and culture.

“One aspect of the app that we particularly like is the ability to provide the location and history of the many shipwrecks that surround Holy Island since these cannot be easily located from the shoreline.

“For the future, the possibilities are limitless as the app can provide tide times, emergency contact numbers as well as details of local businesses or accommodation.

“Almost everybody carries a mobile phone and this is all that is required to access a wealth of information about the features in front of the visitor.”

Holy Island Partnership development officer David Suggett said: “The prototype mobile app has been developed to help maximise the visitor experience to Holy Island in a way which enables us to minimise the impact of interpretation on the natural environment.

“While we also hope to develop more traditional interpretative features to help guide visitors on their visit, we hope the development of a mobile application will offer flexibility and choice to visitors seeing Holy Island both before and during their visit.”