Teamwork to tackle blaze

The scene of the Holy Island fire.
The scene of the Holy Island fire.

Community spirit was in full flow over the weekend as Holy Islanders worked together after a blaze broke out when the Causeway was closed.

A house fire broke out at around 7.30pm on Saturday night while the island was inaccessible by land.

The scene of the Holy Island fire.

The scene of the Holy Island fire.

Residents managed to help prevent the fire from spreading to a neighbouring property using buckets of water, while one local entered the property to rescue a trapped dog.

And it was also a case of the emergency services working together to ensure that fire officers could make it to the scene.

At 7.35pm, Humber Coastguard was contacted by the North East Ambulance Service to help deal with the fire.

Humber Coastguard requested the rescue helicopter from RAF Boulmer and sent Coastguard Rescue Teams from Holy Island and Seahouses.

Holy Island Coastguard set up a landing site for the helicopter and kept members of the public back from the fire, while Seahouses officers set up a landing site on the mainland.

The rescue helicopter transferred nine fire officers and a member of the ambulance crew to the island.

Officers at the scene reported that the fire had started in a three-bedroom cottage and was at risk of spreading to a neighbouring home, which was prevented by a group of Islanders who attempted to contain the fire with their own extinguishers.

The resident who had entered the property to rescue the dog was checked for potential smoke inhalation by the ambulance crew.

The fire was extinguished by the fire service by 8.39pm.

Graham Dawson, watch manager at Humber Coastguard, said: “This was a multi-agency response to an isolated location as the only connection to the mainland is a causeway, which was underwater this evening. HM Coastguard’s involvement was to coordinate the transfer of the right personnel over to the island by helicopter and help with evacuation of residents close to the scene.”