Taylor’s dog bin plea pays off

Taylor Enstone (seen with her dog Oscar) is wanting other dog owners in Broomhill to be responsible.
Taylor Enstone (seen with her dog Oscar) is wanting other dog owners in Broomhill to be responsible.

A PLUCKY 10-year-old has sparked parish councillors into action, after complaining to them about dog dirt.

Taylor Enstone, from North Broomhill, wrote to East Chevington Parish Council chairman Scott Dickinson to say that she was ‘appalled’ by the amount of muck that was lying on the streets of Broomhill, as well as paths leading to Acklington and Hadston, and asked what could be done about it.

And her determination has paid off.

Members have agreed to purchase a dog bin and site it halfway along the path from Hadston to Broomhill.

In her letter, Taylor, who is a pupil at Amble’s James Calvert Spence College – South Avenue – and has a three-year-old Dalmatian called Oscar, wrote: ‘Dear Scott, I am writing this letter to bring to your attention the amount of dogs’ muck left lying on the streets of Broomhill and paths leading to Acklington and Hadston.

‘I am appalled at the amount left. I do have a dog myself and pick it up even though it is unpleasant.

‘I would like to keep the environment a healthy place.

‘As a councillor, what can be done about this?’

The subject was put on the agenda at East Chevington Parish Council’s meeting earlier this month and her letter was discussed.

After the meeting, Coun Dickinson, said: “I thank Miss Enstone for her letter in relation to dog fouling around the parish.

“I was impressed that a 10-year-old had taken the time to write to me and I wrote back to her.

“I explained to her what the council currently does to assist with this problem, like the provision of dog poo bins which are strategically placed around the parish and emptied on a weekly basis at huge cost.

“I am pleased to say that as a result of Taylor’s letter we have agreed to place a further bin halfway along the path between Hadston and Broomhill, and add it to our programme.” He added: “We also work with Northumberland County Council and their dog wardens to identify hot spots and encourage dog owners to be responsible.

“All in all though, no matter what we do as a council, we have to rely on dog owners to be responsible and we ask them to pick up the mess in order to prevent children such as Taylor from having to write letters and understandably be concerned about our local environment.”

To report problems of dog fouling in your area, contact the county council by emailing ask@northumberland.gov.uk or calling 0845 6006400.