Task force launched to help fight anti-social behaviour

Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner Vera Baird.
Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner Vera Baird.

Northumbria’s Police and Crime Commissioner Vera Baird is launching a task force to help crack down on anti-social behaviour across the region.

It follows a pledge she made when she first came to office to tackle the public’s concerns around anti-social behaviour and ensure victims had appropriate support networks in place.

Ms Baird will now launch an anti-social behaviour task force which will implement training for all call handlers, supervision and resource controllers to make reporting anti-social behaviour as easy as possible for victims.

It will ensure those dealing with complaints will consider threat, harm, risk, investigation opportunities, the vulnerability of the victim and how to engage with the victim to resolve the issue.

Over the coming weeks leaflets will be distributed across the force area inviting residents to speak to the Commissioner about concerns they have that are affecting their communities.

She said: “Tackling anti-social behaviour in the Northumbria Police area and protecting the most vulnerable people in our communities is something that remains high on my agenda.

“We have ensured all vulnerable victims of anti-social behaviour have, when deemed necessary, been provided with a harm reduction plan that meets their specific needs and makes their experience as stress-free as possible.

“We have also developed a community remedy that provides a menu of local resolution that victims of anti-social behaviour could request as a way of seeking justice outside the formal criminal justice route.

“This work has already been recognised by Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs who have rated the force as ‘outstanding’ when it comes to tackling issues of anti-social behaviour.

“I have listened to the public’s concerns and I am determined to keep up the momentum in these areas to try and reduce these types of incidents and make Northumbria a better place to live.”