Tamsin, the world-beater!

Tamsin in action in the final. Photo by Ian McClelland
Tamsin in action in the final. Photo by Ian McClelland

A NORTHUMBERLAND surf-kayak star is riding on the crest of a wave after becoming world champion.

And it means that Tamsin Green has now won every major women’s award in the sport.

Tamsin as world champion with her trophy and medal. Photo by by Paul Gossan

Tamsin as world champion with her trophy and medal. Photo by by Paul Gossan

Afterwards, the 36-year-old from High Hauxley, admitted: “I am absolutely delighted. It was the last box ticked.”

Tamsin, who teaches IT at Amble’s James Calvert Spence College, took the global title at the World Surf-Kayak Championships in North Carolina, USA, which concluded earlier this month.

She came first in the High Performance class, winning every heat on her way, as well as finishing fourth in the long boat event.

Tamsin, who is current British champion, said: “I really wanted the world title. I worked for a long time to get this one.

“It started back in 2007 when I entered my first worlds. It was at that point that I thought I would like to try to win it. In 2009, I went out in the semi-finals.

“This year my initial focus was to go through to the final. I wanted to go further than before, as I’d always gone out in the semi-finals.

“Having surfed every one of my heats in first place I knew I was surfing well.

“I am absolutely delighted to win.”

Championship organiser Joey Hall, of the World Surf Committee, hailed Tamsin’s achievement, saying: “She’s raised the bar of women’s surfing.”

Her success at the worlds follows victories at the British Championships, European Championships and The World Cup, as well as being part of the winning England side which competed in the team event in the 2009 World Championships.

“It’s a bit strange because I set myself this goal to win all the titles,” she admitted. “I will try to defend the world title in 2013 and I also want to push surf-kayaking as much as possible.”

As well as her success in the individual event at the worlds, Tamsin, as well as husband Dan, represented England at the team event during this year’s championships.

Both gave impressive performances and helped the nation, who were defending the title, to a second-place finish – behind winners The Basque Country.

Tamsin said: “We wanted to defend the title which we had won two years previously but we are absolutely delighted with second place.”

Dan, 33, who works for Agusta Westland at RAF Boulmer, also came 25th in the Men’s Open in the High Performance category during the World Surf-Kayak Championships.

The pair had worked tirelessly before the event.

Tamsin said: “We have done massive amounts of preparation. Subconsciously, it has been for about two years but consciously it has been about a year – even in December and January in the bad weather.

“Going surfing in all that snow was quite a challenge.”

The pair have thanked their employers for their support.